Madison County Council of Governments

Executive Director: Jerrold Bridges

Counties Served:


Parts of Delaware

Parts of Hancock

Contact Information:

16 E 9th Street, Room 100

Anderson, IN 46016

Phone: 765.641.9482

Fax: 765.641.9486





Regional Development Planning

Air Quality Planning

Census Data Center

Data Service

Disaster Preparedness

Economic Forecasting/Analysis

Energy Planning

Farmland Preservation/Soil Conserv.

Highway/Corridor Planning

Mass Transit Planning

Comprehensive Planning

Comp. Economic Development Strategy

Solid Waste Management

Pedestrian & Bicycle Plans

Traffic Safety

Metropolitan Transportation Planning

Rural Transportation Planning

Water & Sewer Planning

River Planning & Watershed Management


Economic/Enterprise Development

Commercial Revitalization

Brownfield Redevelopment

Economic Development Grant

Industrial Development

Loan Packaging

Revolving Loan Fund Administration

Small Business Technical Assistance

Planning/Local Impacts

Technology Park


Tourism/Regional Development


Local Government Services

Bookkeeping Assistance



Local Government Services Continued

Capital Improv./Operating Budget

CDBG Administration

Computer Services

Environmental Assessments

Grant Administration


Historic Preservation

Infrastructure Development

Local Comprehensive Planning

Mapping Services

Ordinance Codification

Outdoor Recreation Planning

Planning & Zoning

Technical Assistance

Workshop Development

Regional Website

Tax Abatement Analysis


Specialty Services

Senior/Handicapped Transportation

Energy Conservation

Transportation Administration

Weatherization/Energy Conserv. Progs.

Neighborhood Stabilization

Owner-occupied Housing Rehab

Rental Housing Rehab


Other Services/Information

Annual Regional Newsletter

Agency Brochure

Agency Bylaws

Agency Employment Policy

Own Vehicles



Indiana Association of Regional Councils

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Fax: 317.684.3713


Indiana Association of Regional Councils

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